Sketches, doodles and WIPs

This is "unfinished" or WIP art, or just nebulous concepts that don't really fit under the "finished" category, I suppose. I'm definitely much more inclined to doodle and sketch than I am to actually finish things, but I won't overload the site with every last one of my doodle pages. Maybe.

I'm very much of the opinion that art doesn't have to be "finished" to actually be finished. You shouldn't be expected to finish every last concept you come up with. Just enjoy drawing however you want to!


ATTENTION: Some artwork features skimpy outfits and pinups. While there is nothing outright adult or explicit, I'm placing this warning here just in case. Said artwork never goes beyond a swimsuit-level of exposition, and there's no art here that features overtly adult themes or language either (maybe some curses sometimes). Just to be safe, pinup artwork will feature a 3px dotted border rather than a solid one, and the mouse-hover title will also say if it's skimpy.

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