Canon Guide

I have a lot of OCs, and they’re not all part of the same canon. This page is just here to clear up some confusion about who belongs to what universe, and what each universe involves. I’ll keep this page updated as often as it needs to be. (This info was last updated 09/12/2023)

As a general rule, I’m not a writer, and just like to make OCs and scenarios for fun and comfort. Sometimes I try, but there’s not a lot of deep backstory or narrative for most characters.

Pretty much all of the Toyhouse pages linked are works in progress, and more links for more OCs will be added over time.

Furry Canon - Chao Gijinka - Game Canon - Other - Chromatic Progression

Furry Canon

Includes Fiona, Bailey, Hattie, etc

These characters are just anthro OCs who have been around for a very long time, with a vague slice-of-life story. Nothing too serious or adventurous, just personal drama at most.

Hattie, Fiona, and Bailey are the main three, live together, and all run a small bakery/cafe together, with some other characters helping out or visiting.

(I myself am not experienced in food service in any way, so the art depicting this story will draw upon input from people who I know with experience, but will probably also take place in a world where things aren’t so shitty for food service life - so suspend your disbelief a bit for me.)

The furry canon, as well as the Chao Gijinka canon, also have a human AU which is generally just referred to as "Human AU"; in this universe, I’ll often put characters from both sources together since it’s mostly just for fun. Sammy, the fennec fox, is a sort of weird case since he’s a fursona of the human character I have of the same name (who also existed before fox Sammy). Fox-Sammy is one who I just decided lives in the Hattie & co. universe, but the human character exists separately.

Fiona's Toyhouse page
Hattie's Toyhouse page (needs work)

Chao Gijinka

Includes but is not limited to Pilvi, Brighty, Halberd, Tiamat, Ozzie

The Chao gijinka are just that. I personified and (to varying degrees) human-ized Chao from the Sonic series and morphed them into monster-people-whatever-fan characters. In this universe, the rest of the Sonic characters are completely absent, and at this point the gijinka only loosely follow the original Chao ideas. I might eventually come up with an actual narrative for them, but it probably won’t be too serious.

I used to spend a lot of time coming up with crazy biology stuff for these guys because of all the evolutions, so early art of them is kinda weird. I haven’t really done too much outright monster-y art of them in a while.

Tiamat's Toyhouse page
Pilvi's Toyhouse page
Brighty's Toyhouse page

"Game" Canon

Pluto, Kyara, Elma, etc

These characters are newly spawned in the last couple years, and they’re characters who I imagine being in a quirky platformer/adventure/metroidvania game. Their world isn’t very built right now, but maybe someday I’ll actually be able to work on one for them!

Pluto's Toyhouse page


Includes but is not limited to Odoke, Nivicola, Korochan, Sphilia

I have a slew of recurring characters who don’t really belong to any specific canon, and may or may not have a background. Some of them are just characters that I draw often enough that I named them, and some of them are really old OCs that I haven’t posted forever but still draw occasionally and may plan on reviving. Over time, some of these characters may become part of one of the three main universes above, or they could stay standalone, who knows. Some have their own stories, some just exist as fun OCs to draw.

Sphilia's Toyhouse page
Nivicola's Toyhouse page

Chromatic Progression

Includes but is not limited to Dwyn, Kaede, Rauri, Utsuho, Komorebi, Acedia, Rekka

These characters belong to a largely abandoned story project from my high school days. Posts involving them are almost always concepts. A lot of the ideas I have aren’t ideas that can be explained in words, so this section probably doesn’t help much.

To give a quick summary, this story is very JRPG-inspired (mainly Ar Tonelico as that was my hyperfixation throughout high school), and involves large amounts of sci-fi, magitech and eldritch stuff.

Since many of the main characters were inspired by IRL people because that’s how I did a lot of things as a teenager, this story probably won’t actually go anywhere unless I completely overhaul them. Because of all that, I’ve moved this section to the very bottom of the list.

Utsuho's Toyhouse page